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Jewelry Inspired by Once Upon a Time—Gift Guide

Once Upon  A time

is one of the most popular gifts for the holidays and throughout the year. can do much to change the look of an outfit, and can be a great compliment to a party dress worn for the holidays, including New Years Eve.

The necklaces worn in the tv show Once Upon a Time serve as inspiration for this . Like the fairy tale characters in that tv show, your gift recipient may want to feel like a princess for a special occasion.

once upon a time

What to look for: Simple necklace in light colours—crystals, and silver metal.

Tom Binns at ShopStyle

Tom Binns Petite Rogue Swarovski crystal necklace $450 – Net-A-Porter

Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

Sparkle Fringe Short Necklace Ann Taylor $98

once upon a time

What to look for: A choker-style necklace with more of a ‘statement’ look.


Large Hematite Necklace by Guess $45

More Marquis…
Marquis at ShopStyle

once upon a time

What to look for: Choker style, perhaps layered, with dangly bits from centre area only

All Saints at ShopStyle

Guinevere Necklace $120 All Saints

Which style do you like best? Do you have a necklace for special occasions?

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