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Kayak Adventures in Canada {Guest Post}

offers the kayaking enthusiast limitless opportunities for exploration and . In fact, this vast land has a more extensive lake and river system than any other country in the world. Whatever type of kayaking holiday you are seeking, make sure that you are getting the best deal and an adventure package that suits your particular needs.
The Basics
The first European explorers of this country took their lead from the native Canadian population and navigated the vast wilderness lands of Canada by canoe. Travelling by kayak still offers the ideal way to explore Canada’s more remote expanses and allows one to enjoy first-hand the rugged tranquillity this land has to offer.

Navigating Canada’s lakes, rivers and coastline by kayak offers both speed and manoeuverability and allows one to carry one’s camping gear and other equipment with relative ease. Kayaking also has the advantage of being a form of transport with a very low environmental impact; thereby giving one the chance to enjoy Canada’s stunning landscape and observe its wildlife without disturbing it in any way.

kayak canada

Photo via Parks Canada site Gulf Islands National Park

Options Available
Canada is home to a number of specialist companies with extensive experience in providing kayaking holidays. All canoeing equipment is provided and camping gear can often be hired if needed.

Canadian kayaking adventure breaks available can comprise anything from a short two-day taster up to a lengthy expedition of three-weeks or more. The key kayaking areas of Canada include British Columbia and the Pacific coast, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Many of the expeditions are in extremely remote areas that require a fly-in link. All of them, however, offer outstanding scenery and a true adventure experience.

Your specialist provider will advise on routes and many can provide maps and navigation equipment. Naturally, your chosen route will depend on the fitness and level of experience of your party. But you should also make provision for portage breaks and plans for where you will camp and, unless you are on a round-trip, where your agreed pick-up point will be.

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