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Lifelong Learning Inspiration {Guest Post}

Learning for some is the insatiable curiosity that drives us to discover new and innovative ideas and creations. Lifetime learning can be described as a quantitative increase in knowledge over a span of time and as interpreting and understanding reality in a different way. For those considering returning to the classroom after some time spent outside the format or for those who are finishing up the educational process there are some tried and true learning tips tested and tried to help you to be successful.

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Learning can be more easily facilitated with an increase in intellectual friends with whom you are able to converse on all levels while you continue your education. Talking and discussing ideas and theories will help you more easily absorb new information. Keeping ‘to-learn’ and ‘to-do’ lists are great ways to stay on top of your schoolwork and any projects that you are working on. Consider your forms of learning to ensure that you are not lacking substance and that you are using sources of information that are rich and powerful, with a diverse collection of input from all levels. Colleagues most closely matching your educational profile are not necessarily those you will learn the most from.

Learning is always more interesting when it takes place in groups and setting up study groups is a great idea. Also try to avoid long held assumptions on any one idea and to be open to all of the new information that you will be processing. Be active in seeking out new information that contradicts your views to expand your knowledge and enhance your thought process. Try to start a new project that involves what you are currently learning or planning to learn, something fun and challenging to stimulate your mental appetite.

Learn to use your intuition; using intuition to guide you can make education much more enjoyable. Many of our decisions are made on logical assumptions; allow choices to be made on a whim. Use this opportunity to learn as much as you can and to apply what you learn in your daily life. Make learning a priority and avoid negative external forces.

About the Author:

Leslie is an experienced freelance writer working for a professional writing and research company Having earned her PhD from Rutgers University, she feels that joining a team of professional writers has given her the chance to share this knowledge and experience with all those people in need of professional help and advice.

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