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Macaw Mountain Bird Park—Copan Honduras

On the way to meet up with Greg’s family in Roatan, Honduras for a scuba diving trip, we stopped in Copan for a few days. One of the highlights of our time in Copan (other than the Copan Ruinas) was the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.

This place didn’t look like a zoo at all—all the cages were surrounded by native trees and plants, and there were tons of platforms, walkways and bridges to make the Bird Park extra interesting.

macaw bird

macaw bird


If you’re looking to spend a few hours at the Bird Park, there is a restaurant as well as a really nice coffee shop (both outdoors, amongst trees and looking out at the stream.

macaw bird parkOther than the birds, there were tons of Central American plants to check out.



These beautiful birds were hanging out on branches and there were trainers available to provide information and allow guests to get close to the birds.


Who would enjoy this park?

I really think that this is a place for children, and adults—there are paved pathways for wheelchairs/strollers, but certain areas have stairs instead. There is still plenty to see even if guests can’t use the stairs to get to all the areas.

Tickets: $10US per person.

Located: 5 minutes drive from Copan. We just took a taxi up the extremely steep road up to the Bird Park from our hotel.

Learn more about the Macaw Mountain Bird Park in Copan and get information on their conservation efforts on their website.

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