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Confession time – I’ve never considered myself to be a happy person, I’ve always been content. . .with being content. I’m trying to make some positive changes in my life in the new year (though December is a big improvement over November already!) so this sort of over-the-top positivity is just what I need in my life. The t-shirt and Blessing Bracelet that I received from Made As Intended will help sail me in to a much more positive year in 2013.

You’ve heard of wearing  your heart on your sleeve, and maybe you do just that—but what about wearing your heart on your t-shirt? The Made As Intended black t-shirt from MAI gives you positive reinforcement when you look in the mirror, as the letters will be reversed (showing I AM). 

mai shirt

 This shirt looked small when it arrived. I ordered the small size, but this was tiny! Luckily, there is a bit of stretch to the shirt, making it nicely fitted but not too tight. The material is super-soft and comfortable and the printed image does not appear too stiff and uncomfortable. If you like a comfortable, fitted shirt – I would recommend you order the exact size, not bigger (as you need to with any other shirts).


There are more positive messages on the website, but here are a few SHIFTS:

A shift from seeking outside authority to hearing and trusting the voice within you.

A shift from thinking you are limited to realizing the unlimited potential within you.

A shift from knowing that change is possible, and being afraid, to knowing that change is constant and still say:

A shift from believing what you have been told to choosing what you believe and believing it.

blessingThis bracelet is supposed to work by thinking of 4 things you are grateful for whenever you find yourself drawn to the bracelet.

Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal. Stretch Nylon Cord/One size fits most. Each Bracelet is hand strung with gratitude.

 There are a variety of Gratitude items available on the site, in different colours and styles. I like the simplicity of the white and silver one that I received.

blessingThe t-shirt retails for $25, and the bracelet is also valued at $25

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