Maison au Naturel Interior Design by Schuyler Samperton


I have eclectic tastes when it comes to interior design. How would I describe my tastes? It would be difficult, for certain. I like industrial, modern, , classic pieces, etc. One of my homes will look like this ‘Maison au Naturel’, designed by interior designer Schuyler Samperton.

dried plant

vintage pottery

A large part of me definitely loves the old, dusty books, vintage photos, wallpaper and ‘cozy’ feel of this look.

vintage books

I like the punch of bright yellow from the bowl on this shelf!

mantel, fireplace

All of those great postcards and nic-nacks I’ve collected would have a happy home on a mantel like the one above.

vintage chairYes, I’ll take the cute dog, too! Absolutely love the wood/glass cabinet in the back! It reminds me of an old museum or maybe Indiana Jones’ office!

paintingThis is definitely me! I have an easel that I would love to have set up permanently so that when the inspiration struck, I could start on a new painting. I don’t have a spot to set up my easel and painting supplies now, and I really miss being creative in that way.

All photos from Schuyler Samperton’s site. 

What do you think of this look? Is this one of your favourite types of interiors?

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