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The Secret is Knowing How We Got Here: Mankind The Story of All of Us Blu-Ray Series

When I’m feeling small and a little bit lost, it helps to think about something much bigger than myself—in this case, the history of humans, in the form of Mankind The Story of All of Us.

History channel’s Mankind The Story of All of Us is available in both DVD and Blu-ray format. The 12-part series looks especially beautiful in Blu-ray, which is what I received for review. The entire series is well-acted with reenactments, coupled with narration from experts in the specific fields related to the episodes’ topics and of course —interactivity on the History channel website as well. 


Each week, one can go check out the exclusive extended video on the History website. There’s also the Best You Didn’t Know trivia section. My favourite episode of the series so far is the Survivors one, with the story of Genghis Khan. I won’t give it away, but there are clips of each of the 12 episodes available on the History website, including some full episodes, if you want to check out the show before purchasing the whole series. If you can’t wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray to arrive, you can download Mankind from iTunes. The Mankind Blu-Ray 3-disc set (with all 12 episodes) is available for $39.95.


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