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March is National Craft Month

In my current situation of living with my brother temporarily, I don’t have all of my supplies out and ready to use, so it’s hard for me to ‘get crafting’. I’m inspired by all the crafting I see going on online, though! I have more craft and art supplies than I really should, given that I don’t have the time or room to pursue creativity in that way these days.

I dream of having a studio/craft room where I can spread out and feel creative, yet organized.

This month, I’ll be sharing some crafty ideas with you, along with inspiring photos of great craft rooms. This month many school-aged children will be on March Break (when did it change from being called Spring Break?), and anxious to have some fun with craft and art projects. DK Canada has a great page on their site for March Break survival, to give you a few ideas.

craft show

photo via Martha Stewart

I want to know: what creative projects will you be getting up to this month?

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