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Men’s Guide to Decorating

Think that decorating is only for interior designers? Think again. Men have what it takes to make their homes look great. Here, I’ll discuss a few tips my fellow man can take to create a great space, by incorporating their own unique style.

Cabin Fever
If you are the type of guy who loves the outdoors and would love to seclude to a cabin in the woods, you can easily create that atmosphere within your own home.

The key is to not take it overboard. You can find great cabin décor items that will mesh nicely with other features in your home. Get a few large items that scream cabin like a wooden, leather, or hide headboard, and coffee tables made from tree trunks or antlers. After you have chosen your signature items, tone them down with neutral elements. For the country-style headboard, choose simple bedding; for the masculine tables try to incorporate glass or wicker and a plant or some flowers to tone the style down.

men's guide to decorating

Masculine Modern
Most men enjoy the modern style because it is naturally masculine. The streamlined and geometric styles tend to appeal to men but are easy to incorporate with other styles, if you ever want a change. The thing to remember if you want to achieve a contemporary look is that you need to look for geometric shapes and simple, neutral colors like black, white, brown, dark blue, and grey.

The materials that look best with this style are metals, glass, and wooden elements. For a living room go for a sleek couch in white or black, a glass coffee table with sculptural metallic pieces on top. If you decide it feels too cold, warm your space up with textures like cotton and wool, and colors like red, orange, and yellow. Couch pillows, rugs, artwork, and plants are a great way to add a homey feel without taking over.

men's guide to decorating

Classic Preppy
The way you dress can say a lot about what you like. In this case, it can dictate how you decorate your home. If you like the classic “preppy” style you’ll want to use reds, blues, and whites; incorporate patterns like plaid, stripes, and argyle. This style also calls for textures like cotton and tweed, as well as gold, leather, and wooden elements.

If you want to run with this style, look for classic furniture like leather chairs and sofas, and tables or dressers made of a dark wood. An easy way to go for a preppy look is to paint your walls dark blue or red. If you do that, though, remember to incorporate a lot of white to brighten up your space. The texture and patterns can be easily incorporated by throws, pillows, bedding, and rugs. An easy way to incorporate the gold element is to use ornate frames, bowls, and gold lighting fixtures.

Whatever you style is, you too can transform your room to reflect your individuality. All you need to do is take what you like in other facets of your life and find their decorative equivalent. For example you buy a new pair of shoes; they’re black, sleek, and very comfortable. You may translate that to contemporary décor with a touch of comfortable accents like a plush comforter. It will take some practice, but you too can have a home that will have people thinking you hired an interior designer.

About the Author: Daniel Swinton is an interior decorator and freelance writer. He specializes in cabin decor. When he’s not decorating for his clients, Swinton finds time to perform in local improv troupes and to hike on his favorite trails.

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