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Motivation And New Year Quotes – Emerald Sunday

It’s been almost a week now, in to 2013. How’s it been for everyone? For a few days, I heard excited talk about resolutions, goals, plans. . .but now? It’s been a few days, and I haven’t been hearing as much about them. I haven’t set myself any huge goals this year, other than weight-loss ones, financial ones, social ones. . .okay, there are a lot. I know that I need a bit of motivation this year, seeing as how I want it to be my best year ever. Here are just a few quotes and pictures I found that are both motivating, and fit in with my new Sunday theme called Emerald Sunday, to share pictures and ideas that go with weekly themes, focused on Pantone’s 2013 colour of the year. 

new year quote


It’s so easy to give up, way too easy to keep going, blindly. . .2013 is going to be a much more purposeful year. I have set myself achievable goals, ones that are really important to me.


It’s not that I need motivation to eat healthier – I just need to decide that it is worth the money. Veggies and fruit cost more than grains, but I can’t just eat rice all the time. Eating greens is better for my and so tasty.

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