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Getting Organized: Organizing Your Bags And Purses With 3M Command

Getting organized doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, where you take out everything in your and put it back in in a much more organized fashion. Every little area you work will help, overall. I started the year with a focus on organizing my bedroom.

Other than purses, I have a lot of canvas or other bags around. These bags tend to make their home on the back of my bedroom door, hanging on the back of the handle. Even in a rental place, I’m comfortable hanging things up on the wall, so long as I use 3M Command brand products. These products are perfect for my purposes, because they can easily be removed from the wall, leaving no marks at all. 

organize bags

1. Start by making sure the wall is clean. Use a bit of vinegar to gently clean the place where the hooks will be hung.

2. Measure and mark the spot where you’d like to hang the hooks.

command3. Separate the Command strips, remove the strip to expose the adhesive on the RED side.

4. Attach the Command strip’s RED side to the back of the hook.

5. Hold the hook in position on the wall, and pull up on the front part with the hook.

6. Press down for 30 seconds.

7. Put the front part of the hook back on.

8. Wait for one hour.

bag organizationI chose to put these hooks behind the door, since they’d be out of the way, yet still easily accessible.

9. Hang up your bags and purses.

bag organizationThere’s plenty of room behind the door for clearance.

During the holiday season, one might use hooks like these to hang stocking, or ornaments. For winter and spring seasons, they would come in handy to hang up scarves or umbrellas.

Each hook holds up to 3 pounds. The bags I hung are all really light. There are a variety of other hooks available from Command, as you can see below:

command-decorative-hookThe above Traditional Metallic Coated Hook would look great for an indoor wreath, or picture (as shown on the package), or a purse. I will be using it by the front door so that people who visit will have a place to put their bag/purse or umbrella.

command wreath hook

Hanging a wreath on your door means that you’ll need to make sure you’re using a product that is meant for outdoor use. The Wreath Hook holds up to 5 pounds and there are all-season strips included. Other uses for this may be for a cord hook, or a shovel.

Look for future features with the hooks above on this blog.

There are many places where you can go to find new and interesting ideas on getting your home organized. Command’s Facebook page is updated with contests and organizational ideas. Command’s Twitter profile is also updated regularly with ideas.

I was provided with the above-mentioned products in order to create this feature on them. 

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