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I have a thing about hanging and on walls. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved more times than I can remember, in my life, or that I went crazy as a pre-teen with on every square inch of my walls, but it’s definitely something that I avoid. I’ve tried to get better with hanging things up on walls and displaying things more permanently, though. After all, it’s not good to enter in to anything  thinking that it will just be temporary/won’t last.

I’d just put up a few of the prints that I received from Red Bubble, with a bit of double-sided tape, just to have something up on my walls. With the arrival of my products from 3M Command Brand, I decided to change up the placement of the posters/prints and make the look more permanent.

posters and printsThe after is above.

Organizing Posters


Organizing posters and prints is easy when you have the right tools to use.

I placed the Rivendell print and the 2 framed prints out on my bed to see how much room they’d need around them, and to see how they looked together. The framed prints are John William Waterhouse ones that I bought in London, at the National Gallery, about 10 years ago.

I used the Picture Hanging Strips from Command, for the framed prints. These strips can hold up to nine pounds! To use them, put one side of the toothed strips on the back of the frame, and the other on the wall. This is great for areas where you may want to change out the prints/pictures, or are worried about damaging the walls/putting holes in the walls. These toothed strips are really secure – you can hear the teeth digging in to each other when the frame is properly placed.

3m print organization

For the Rivendell print, I used these Poster Strips. They are only somewhat re-positionable—but when you buy them in value packs, you get tons of strips.


I moved the Red Bubble print below to a section of my bedroom next to the window/above my nightstand. I may frame it at some point, but for now, it is in place with the Poster Strips.

splash print

Do you have framed prints or photos that you’ve been wanting to display, but haven’t yet?

I received the set of Command Strips mentioned above for my feature.

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  1. dameonsmom says:

    Oh wow, you read my mind. I have 2 framed prints that have been sitting in a corner because I don't want to drill another hole. These strips may be a life & wall saver!

  2. We've lived in our home for five years and I am still hesitant about where to put things on my walls… it's strange… this looks like a great option in case I want to change once I've got them up!

  3. Heather M says:

    Love that red bubble print! My walls are so cluttered with art, we have no room for pictures!

  4. First, I love Red Bubble. I am addicted to going through their site and checking out all the great art. Second, I have tons of pictures, prints, and even art projects from my son that I want to display. I did do a nice grouping of pics on my bedroom wall, but I'm apprehensive to do much more because we might be moving soon. Once I move, though, I'm going all out!
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    • I know, I could spend hours looking through all the great stuff – and wondering if I should get things in a print or another form!

  5. We LOVE command strips. I totally slow at putting up pictures and things though, I really need to reorganize.
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  6. MamaLuvsBooks says:

    Great ideas! I really need to check into the Command Strips! I hear they work great!

  7. I really like them framed a lot better. I don't hang a lot of things on my walls. I'm not exactly sure why but for some reason I've always liked plain walls best. I should find a few cute accent pieces for the livingroom though.

  8. I am really getting into the frameless look. It looks crisp and clean. Thanks for recommending these command strips!

  9. My husband and I recently received a poster that contains photos from our wedding. I have been trying to decide what to do with it as the size is not the regular poster frame size…now I have an idea…thanks!

  10. We've lived here for almost six years and still have some bare walls! I am going to look into these photo hanging strips…I'd rather use them than leave holes in the walls from nails.

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    Nice ideas!! I have the same trepidations about holes and also… my childhood bedroom still has prints and posters hanging up in it, and I just can't get myself to do it to my "adult" rooms. The way you've done it looks nice though.