Organizing Your Craft Room or Creative Space


No matter how large your craft room/space is, you’ll want to make sure that everything you want and need in order to pursue your creative projects is easily accessible.

tiered wire basket

photo via Country Living

A wire basket is perfect for organizing your stamps or other small craft items. I also like the woven marker holder.

If you read my post yesterday on considerations for your craft room or studio, you’ll know what to include in your creative space. Of the things you’d like to have at-hand, how do you wish to organize them in the space you have?

You can purchase something similar to the little shelves above, from IKEA:

ribba IKEA

Ribba Picture Ledge from IKEA $16.99

crafts room
sharpie bottles
Photos via 33 Shades of Green
Custom installed shelves and cabinets are great for craft rooms, but if you’re on more of a tight budget, organization solutions like the ones above are much more economical. 

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