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Organizing Your Home Office

The Home : 5 Tips for creating the perfect workspace

  • Oversize Your Desk. A large desk is practical, but also pleasurable. There’s space to spread things out, create neat piles and keep a coffee mug without fear of spilling. Try a desk that’s at least 3 feet deep and 5 feet wide if you have the space.

design within reach Desk

  • Invest in a Great Seat. Many of us spend as much time behind our desks as in our bed. Sad, but true. You would invest thousands in a great mattress, but for some reason many of us won’t get a good office chair. Invest $250 in a truly comfortable, ergonomic chair that is right for your body type.

IKEA has some great, inexpensive office chairs that really last! I’ve had my Nominell chair for 10 years now and it doesn’t feel like it’s worn out at all. I’m sure I’ll have it for another 5 years, at least.

IKEa Chair

  • Use Task Lighting. Ceiling fixtures create dull, flat light that is at uninspiring and at its worst depressing. Use lamps or spots to focus strong light where your hands are working.

Task Lighting

  • Have a Space For Your Everyday Stuff. Keys, phone, wallets, purses, loose change, bluetooth earpieces all should have a permanent home that isn’t on your desktop. Designate a drawer for them, or find a nice basket.
  • Choose the Right Wall Colors. If you want an office that’s soothing, calm and contemplative, go with cool colors like blue, green or violet. For an office that motivates and energizes, go with warm colors like yellow or orange. More people opt for cool colors because they are easier to stare at for hours on end.


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