Vancouver Travel for 20-Somethings

Top 20 things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is well-known for a few different things: its gorgeous natural scenery, and maybe the high cost of living. That last one need not effect … [Continue reading]

Grocery Budget Tutor and a Grocery Challenge

grocery challenge main

We are celebrating the launch of Grocery Budget Tutor with a month-long back-to-school grocery challenge. The winner of the #grocerychallenge will … [Continue reading]

Conditioned Smooth Skin Ready for Summer

Summer-time means it's time for lots of sunshine, exposed skin and extra shaving. When you need to shave your legs more frequently that you can … [Continue reading]

Vegan Alternatives to Summer Food Favourites

vegan alternatives to summer food favourites

Vegans—you don't need to feel left out when your friends are enjoying the best summer foods! Whether you're vegan or you're having one over for a … [Continue reading]

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

vegan strawberry ice cream

Feeling disappointed with the "fake" taste of store-bought strawberry ice cream, I knew I needed my first batch of homemade ice cream in my new … [Continue reading]

How to Plan to be Spontaneous

Plan to be spontaneous

Planning to be spontaneous—seems like a contradiction, doesn't it? The truth is, if you don't leave room in your life for spontaneity you'll just … [Continue reading]

Super Simple 3-5 Ingredient Fruit Pairings #PairingIdeas

Smuckers Pairings

Every season I put together a list of things I want to try, new adventures I want to go on, and books I want to read. One thing I’m always down on … [Continue reading]

CND Vinylux Paradise Collection Nail Polish

CND Vinylux Paradise Collection Nail Polish

Nail polish that lasts a week—I've been testing it, and it's here. The CND Vinylux Paradise Collection consists of lush tropical hues for your … [Continue reading]

DIY Wood Finishing Project

DIY minwax wood finishing project

It's been a while since I've stained and finished anything. I remember the process being really messy, time-consuming and involving a long wait time … [Continue reading]

Summer of Smoothies #SilkSmoothies

strawberry almond coconut

In the world of smoothies, it can be said that I'm a newbie. I only bought my own blender about one year ago. I've been making up for lost time, … [Continue reading]