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Pocket Genius Books from DK Canada for the Little Adventurer

I’ve shared with you some nature (Smithsonian Nature Guides) for adult adventurers and curious sorts, and young adults/children (Audubon’s Practical Naturalist), and now I have some tiny little books for younger children.


rocks and minerals

For durability and ease of reading, the Pocket Genius books are hardcover-ed. Colourful, with tons of pictures and simple —easy to understand—text, these books make it really easy for children to learn the basics.

Other than the Animals and Rocks and Minerals books, there is a book on Sharks and one on Dinosaurs, too. Each book in the Pocket Genius series is only $8.99 so there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the hold set for your little ones, or for a gift. Wouldn’t these be great for birthday party favours? Each kid could get one in their goodie bag and they could swap with each other to get the one they really want. This new series from just came out this June, so I’m sure the other children won’t have them yet.

 I received the above mentioned books for purposes. I was not compensated in any other way.

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