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A Relaxing Tranformation- Raw Hair Lounge North Vancouver

Last Saturday I started out my weekend with a trip to a place I hadn’t been in over a year—a hair salon! Yes, it is a little embarrassing, but true. My hair is typically worn very long, and it grows quickly, so even when I do have it cut, it doesn’t stay on the short side for very long.

I absolutely love going to the salon as I find the experience really relaxing. . .that is, unless I cheap out and go to any old salon I can find. That’s exactly what I (stupidly) did last year when I was in Texas. The lady obviously couldn’t cut hair and I don’t know what she thought layers were, but whatever she put in to my hair would be qualify! I’ve been growing out those so-called-layers for over a year now (some were SO short).

I am a huge fan of Aveda products for their environmental and social responsibleness, and their great quality of hair and body products. Naturally, I chose to find a salon that used their products. The Raw Hair Lounge in North is located near the water, so the windows provide amazing views on two sides. 


Look at all that sunshine streaming in! The experience was amazing from the beginning. I called to book an appointment and spoke to a very friendly lady who booked me in. The next day I received a message confirming my appointment and letting me know to call them if I had any questions.

When I got to the salon I was offered tea (Aveda Comforting Tea) and to have my coat hung up. It was chilly outside, despite the sunshine – the first day I’d needed to wear my winter jacket. After waiting a few minutes, I was asked to change in to a robe and hang my sweater in the closet. I then spoke with my hairstylist who took me to her station to ask me how I would like my hair cut and to offer suggestions. I thought Victoria was amazing, and she was a great listener!


I had a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage using one of the oils I’d selected. Then, I was taken to the hair-washing area. There is little I like more than having my hair washed for me! This is one of the reasons why I love getting my hair cut at a place like Raw Hair Lounge, using Aveda shampoo/conditioner.


I loved my new haircut, and the way the hairstylist used curling products (Be Curly) in my hair and used a diffuser as well. At the end, I got a quick makeup touch-up so I could walk out of the salon with a totally new look. I think it turned out pretty well, what about you? These two are both ‘after’ pictures. Normally my hair is long – down to my mid-back.


The after experience was also amazing — I received a call from the salon asking me how my experience was and if I had any other questions. I would definitely recommend this salon—my haircut was $45 and definitely well-worth it as a treat to myself.

How often do you get your hair cut and do you usually go back to the same place every time?

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