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Rear View Mirror Conversations & Goal Making

rear view

What’s that they say about hind-sight? 

Clear goals are great, but what is even better is making plans on ways to reach those goals. Removing yourself from your current situation/whatever it is you need to ponder can often help with deciding which direction to take your life next.

Road trips are great for clearing the cobwebs

That very thing happened when Greg and I left the city with our annual Canadian National Parks Pass in hand and headed to Banff National Park (and city) for a day last week. We’d gotten the gears turning on ideas about what to do next, but it wasn’t until this week (yesterday, actually) that we clearly decided which direction to take out adventure next.

It’s perhaps no coincidence that just a year ago I graduated from university in Vancouver—and prepared myself for the next of life’s adventures—and I am now looking back on the last year wondering what could have gone differently. It’s often the pause in the adventure that makes everything much more clear—whether it be sitting down on a log and catching your breath after a gruelling ascent up a mountain, or a mid-day coffee break—when you give yourself a chance to evaluate what just happened and what you’d like to have happen ahead.

Escaping to the mountains seems to work well for collecting my thoughts and re-examing recent life changes, but now that Greg and I have clearly decided what we’d like to do in our life, we need to also come up with ways that we can achieve those goals.

Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?*

Not one to let a bad decision, no matter how big, change my fate (or goals, if you’d prefer), I’m determined to put things from the past year behind me and look forward.

Clearly, we are looking forward to living on our own again. I don’t mind living in a 500sq. ft place if I can be doing the things I love. I have had to re-evaluate what is most important to me, and more so who is most important to me.

*this is a quote from Carrie Bradshaw from SATC.

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