Resolve To Get Organized in 2013! Tips, Ideas, And Projects #ResolvetoOrganize


Like many of you, I have resolved (or set myself a goal of ) getting organized this year. I’m not talking about just a room or just a part of my life—I’m talking about a complete overhaul! This year, I’m getting my life and in order.

This includes:

-finances (this is a big one)


-filing and paperwork

- supplies

-kitchen pantry

-art supplies

organized studiovia Fat Quarter Shop

and SO much more. I want to go through every single thing I own and every aspect of my life. I know I can do it, and so can you  – if you want to, that is. Let’s do it together! To keep myself motivated, and to get my readers pumped, I’m re-starting my newsletter. Every week (or two) you’ll get a fresh newsletter delivered to your email with tons of great , links, ideas and .

Keep us updated with your progress, share links and follow along, using hashtag on twitter.

The Resolve to Organize newsletter will be focused on organization tips, ideas, and projects—and sometimes other things. I’ll be posting ideas and projects on this blog, too – but the newsletter will discuss and link to things not shared here. This exclusive content can be yours—you need only sign up for my newsletter (it’s free). I have a newsletter all waiting and ready to send out tomorrow. Sign up now, so you don’t miss it.

Being Tazim newsletter for organizational tips and ideasI want to help you to get organized this year! If you have requests for areas of the home or questions – please leave me a comment.

What areas of your home and life would you like to get organized this year?

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  1. I signed up for the newsletter. I really need some motivation. The only thing in my house that is really organized (mostly) are my bookshelves. My hubby did some organizing in the closet the other day. Everything else needs some help.

    I'm not promising to actually do anything mind ya! Other than read the newsletter that is. But that is a start.
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  2. I'll be following along – good luck! {tweeted and liked}
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  3. I would love to organize my downstairs areas. I have furniture that needs to be moved around to make a more efficient use of the space.

  4. Getting organized is something I plan on tackling this year, got the shelves this week so I'm excited to get started!

  5. I need help in the kitchen and bathroom. They are super small spaces. So far when I look for tips to work with a small kitchen or bathroom what they consider small is still much bigger than mine!

    • I guarantee that my bathroom and kitchen are smaller than yours. :) I know what you mean about small space tips. I guess it's just relative. I'll be sure to focus on those areas!

  6. I need to organize my craft supplies. I lost my own office when we moved and now all my supplies are sitting in plastic tubs in the garage. When I need something, I look in two tubs and if I can't find it, I buy it. I'm sure I have 5000 tubes or acrylic paint but can never find them when I need them.
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    • Oh, me, too! I have a bunch of my supplies in this rolly cart with drawers, but things are disorganized in there. I have a desk I found for free that Is really solid – I have my coffee maker on it now, but I might put out my art supplies so that I'll actually use them!

  7. I really need to get a handle on the clutter in my house. I think that would go a long way to getting organized but it's so hard to find a place for everything.

    • It is, isn't it – and it's hard to not want to go out and buy a ton of organizing containers, but I know for me, I just have too much clutter/stuff as well.