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Retro 1970s Products from MoMa

We’re talking about setting up home offices and getting organized for the new fall season this month. While the practical things such as pens, desks and organizational elements are all important, don’t forget to populate your home with a few more fun products. MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) Store has reintroduced some products from the again this season. 


Cuboluce Lamp
Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi, 1972

Open the reflective lid of this cube to reveal the light. Perfect for bedside or accent lighting. Includes a 40W bulb.

Mirror Ball container

Mirror Ball Container
Keiichi Ito, 1970

This mirror rotates freely on its base to view from virtually any angle. The mirror unscrews to reveal a bowl-shaped container which holds small accessories.

Mirror Ball Container

Yoshimoto Cubes

Yoshimoto Cube Set
Naoki Yoshimoto, 1972

A reproduction of the 1982 Yoshimoto Cube set includes three cubes, which can be deconstructed to form different shapes in gold and silver. All cubes can be combined to form one large 3-D star. A fun play object and an intriguing desktop puzzle. Instructions included. Set of three 2″ cubes.

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