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Visit the Elves Rivendell Travel by Steve Thomas Redbubble Print

I could so easily feel like I was there—in Middle Earth generally, but sometimes also Rivendell, when I lived in New Zealand. The photographic print that I received from Redbubble really brings back memories. I’ve been thinking back on that trip to New Zealand a lot lately, especially given the opening of the new movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. All things Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are on my mind for sure. This print certainly makes me feel like going back to New Zealand! Go on your own (virtual) trip to Middle Earth with a print from Steve Thomas


Rivendell print 12″x16″ $12

This print is up on my bedroom wall next to the Doodle Print that I received from Redbubble recently. I just need a few more great to make a proper display on my wall. I may frame this print in the future, but for now it is just up on my wall with double-sided tape.

So, I did actually go to Rivendell, while in New Zealand, as you can see below:

rivendell sign


Of course, they needed to remove any signs of the movie/any modifications they made to the environment when they were finished filming the LOTR series. . .but you can probably picture Rivendell right there, can’t you?

Like the Doodle Print I received from Redbubble previously, the Rivendell travel one is vividly coloured. I like the vintage travel poster look to it, and may be adding more from the series to my collection in the future.

I received the above mentioned print in order to conduct this

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