Rustic Wedding Ideas for Late Spring


Flowers are in bloom and just a hint of coolness still sits in the air. A rustic girl at heart, these wedding photos and ideas really appeal to me. I like the idea of having family and friends out in the country, staying at a Bed and Breakfast or Inn, and enjoying a weekend-long wedding celebration.

rustic wedding

Great idea for a gift for your guests —a little plant ready to be placed in the backyard or front porch.

rustic wedding

source: Jodi Miller Photography on Pen and Paper


Photo via Emmaline Bride


Photo via Kunio Photography on Wed 4 Less Blog

rustic wedding

I like the idea of taking wedding photos in this setting, behind a vintage door. Romantic, or what?

Some decoration ideas:

rustic wedding

rustic wedding

Photos from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

What flowers are in bloom in your area, and do you see brides adding them to their bouquets?

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