Safety Tips For Preventing Vehicle Theft


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It hasn't happened in years, but someone close to me has had their car stolen in the past. It was pretty scary, and it took a long time for her to feel comfortable driving somewhere and parking her car. She was definitely much more careful about leaving things in her car after that, as her camera was one of the things she'd left in the glove box. Regardless of where you live in the country, there are certain safety for preventing vehicle theft that should be adhered to. 

If you're purchasing an older car and are looking in to getting auto insurance for it, it's important to consider the likelihood of that particular vehicle being stolen. Luckily, the car I purchased last year, a Subaru Outback, isn't on the Insurance Hunter list of the most stolen cars of 2012. Sometimes I am a little surprised by the amount of the same make of car there is on the list, like Ford and Honda. Do you own one of these makes of ? I would recommend checking out the list, so you're prepared, and are extra safe when it comes to parking your car. 

safety tips for preventing vehicle theft

There are things you can do, whether or not you have a car on the list, to prevent vehicle theft. The thing I've done, that makes me feel the most safe, is install an alarm on my car. I always try to park in a busy area with plenty of lighting, too. I definitely prefer parking in a parking garage, or at least on the street in front of where I am – a restaurant or store. 

What are your favourite tips for preventing vehicle theft? Have you ever had your vehicle stolen? 

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  1. I never thought about getting my car stolen. I don't leave a whole lot in the car but I would hate to lose my car seats.
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  2. Thankfully, we haven't. I can't imagine how scary that would be. We did have it broken into once though.
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  3. We don't own a Ford or a Honda and I guess after reading your post, I am glad that we do not. :)

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  4. I don't know many people that have car alarms around here. Isn't that funny? We do live in a smallish town though. I see a lot of cars running with no one in them…even a police car the other day. ha! So I guess that'd be my one tip….don't leave your car running if you're not in it. :)
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  5. I don't think anyone would want my car. It's 11 years old and the check engine light is a regular feature on the dashboard! My ex thought it was stolen once though! Turns out he was just parked in a different parking lot of the rest station and came out the wrong door.
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  6. I don't worry about my car getting stolen as much as someone coming to me when I'm getting in or out of my car. I just always make sure I'm aware of my surroundings and definitely park where more people are apt to come by!
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  7. mammahomemaker2012 says:

    These are definitely some great tips. I remember waking up one morning and I found our passenger side door wide open! Luckily nothing was stolen but it was such a scary feeling. You feel violated. Thanks for sharing!