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Seasonal Decor Changes are Made Easy with FLOR Rug Tiles

Though people here like to say that it rains non-stop from October to May, really—Vancouver does have 4 distinct seasons. It’s nice to celebrate these changes by changing up the décor just a bit. Nothing too drastic, and nothing too permanent, a quick seasonal change can be done by using a rug. Most rugs take up a lot of room when stored, but not FLOR rug tiles, which stack neatly and come in thousands of combinations of patterns and colours.

I used to live in Houston, Texas for a large part of my childhood. When anyone asks me now what it was like living there, the first thing that comes to my mind is. . .HOT! You see, I couldn’t really tell the difference between one season and the next. I recall one winter when it snowed, sure—maybe about 1.5 inches, which disappeared a few hours later, but other than that I don’t recall any noticeable changes in the seasons.

Living in Canada, a cold winter is hard not to notice or to avoid—even when it is mild, like it is in Vancouver. To cosy-up a room in /winter, I like to lay out a rug in the to make the space feel both visually and physically warmer. 

Seasonal Decor Changes are Made Easy with FLOR Rug Tiles

Doesn’t that one spot of my look super cosy, with the armchair, throw cushion and sweater-like FLOR rug? It’s hard not to want to curl up there with a blanket and a good book—but blog posts don’t write themselves.

Seasonal Decor Changes are Made Easy with FLOR Rug Tiles

Look how stackable these tiles are! The left pile is the one with the coloured stripes and the right pile just has the plain tiles.

FLOR Seasonal Decor Changes are Made Easy with FLOR Rug Tiles

on changing your décor seasonally with a rug

Choose a pattern that you will enjoy year to year

Because you’ll only be using the rug for part of the year, make sure that you have a pattern that is not too-trendy that you will tire of it the following year. Also, keep in mind that the rest of your décor might end up changing—so, it may be best not to choose the wildest pattern out there if you’re planning on frequent changes to the rest of your .

FLOR rugs allow for quick changes

Keep in mind that with FLOR rugs you can change up your décor by simply rearranging the tiles, swapping out only a few tiles or combining two patterns and making a much bigger rug for winter.

Keep in mind the increased traffic you may get during different seasons

There are different weights of rugs—the one I received is for medium foot traffic. That seems perfect for the extra feet that will be walking across it for the holiday season.

Seasonal Decor Changes are Made Easy with FLOR Rug Tiles How could this rug not be perfect for fall/winter? The pattern makes me feel like I’m walking on a big, cosy sweater! The rug is so comfortable on the foot, and is a beautiful neutral colour, with pops of colour for interest. I received the Just Plain Folk rug from FLOR, shown above. It is $14 per tile. I have the rug in the 5’x7′ size in my main (living) room.

Specs on the Just Plain Folk rug:

Construction: Loop Pile
Fiber Content: Nylon
Post-Industrial: 57%
Post Consumer: 5%
Total Recycled Content: 62%
Adhesive FLORdots™
Total Thickness: .304 in
Size: 19.7 in x 19.7 in
Foot Traffic: Medium

On top of my other reasons for loving Just Plain Folk and FLOR rugs generally—quality, aesthetics, choice of patterns, versatility, etc—I also love the amount of recycled content. In this one, it’s 62%!

I really do love FLOR rugs—all opinions in this post are 100% my own! I did receive the rug, as I mentioned earlier. It really wasn’t hard to talk about how much I love and would recommend FLOR rugs, though. 

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