The ShopWise App Saves me Money

I haven’t received paper flyers to my apartment in over a decade, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t consider myself to be —someone who want to get the most for the least amount of money. I usually check flyers online prior to shopping, but on many occasions I’ll decide to stop by a store on my way home or while I’m already out running errands. I’m excited to have recently discovered the new ShopWise app just in time for the busy holiday season, so that I can get my shopping done in a much more efficient manner than I had been in the past.

ShopWise App

I like taking my iPad with me while I’m on the go—I can read while I’m waiting for meetings or appointments, I can check my email and now—I can check out the latest flyers on the ShopWise app. The ShopWise app is free to download, is quick to use and allows me to have the best deals and info on specials at my fingertips. The newly launched the new version of the ShopWise App is optimized for iPads and will be available on all platforms by 2014.

ShopWise App

ShopWise App

Here’s how I’ve been using the ShopWise app so far:
I was looking for a housewarming gift for my co-worker who just bought a new home, and didn’t want to have to drive around from shop to shop to find the best price for what I wanted to buy her. Because I was able to look at just the flyers for shops close to me, I saved a ton of time and gas money – not to mention that I saved $20 on the kettle that I know she had been wanting. My mom is typically really hard to buy for, but I used the ShopWise app to find the best deals in the beauty and wellness section—because she definitely needs some #selfcare time! I found a deal on a pedicure for her for $150 off regular price! I was looking at the flyers for electronic stores and saw a deal on headphones for half price this weekend only—so looks like my brother will be receiving this pair soon.

Flyers are a great place to look for the best prices on things in stores, but that’s not all that’s available to look at on the ShopWise App—my favourite section is the Deals section. Looking for the best deals for meals? There are tons! I like that I can look at just places that are nearby me so that I don’t waste time flipping through the app. The Deals section is set up by category, so you can look at just restaurants if you’re out shopping and wondering what’s nearby and how to stretch your money as much as possible. As if that weren’t great already—under Restaurants, you can choose to look at different types of food places, like fast food or restaurants and bars.

Connect with ShopWise online:
Twitter – @shopwise_ca

I’d love to know your thoughts on how you’ve been using the ShopWise app in the comments below!

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