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Spring Break in Vancouver

When I went to the University of British Columbia (for many, many years), we had 1 week off in February, known as Reading Week. In 2010, because of the Winter Olympics, we got an extra week off (!!!), supposedly for students to be able to volunteer during the Olympics, which were (in case you have been living under a rock) held in , Canada.

The extra week off made a lot of sense, because Olympic events were being held on campus, and there were dorms and other facilities available for visitors to use. With all the chaos/busyness around the Olympic event in the city, Greg and I decided to leave the city to go to Mexico City for a little over a week, during Reading Week. Though I had mixed feelings about the Olympics being in Vancouver, I love celebrating events, holidays and what-not, generally. Part of what I did when I got back from Mexico City was visit the Olympic venues, country pavilions, and city-run celebration sites.

Vancouver olympics

Right, so – what can you do in this city when the Olympics aren’t going on? First, it should be noted that there is no such thing as Break here – Reading Week is in February, and the school year ends in April. I was just reading (on wikipedia) that many universities/colleges in the USA have tri-semesters, so fewer classes and shorter semesters – which sounds wonderful! I would have loved to not have to take 5 courses twice a year, plus 3 during summer semester.

I was going to write about things to do in Vancouver for Spring Break, but, it turned in to a tale of Reading Week, 2010 – which was pretty memorable.

What are your favourite things to do in your city during Spring Break?

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