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Spring Colour Trend — Pantone Cabaret Hot Pink

I know many people who love the colour pink, and would gladly change up their décor to add in this Pantone spring colour trend: Cabaret.

For those who aren’t afraid to use a bit of paint to change the look of a room dramatically:

Pink room


I like the idea of a bright coloured bathroom—though be careful with the colour you choose. We painted our bathroom green once and we ended up looking really strangely coloured when we looked in the mirror before leaving.

pink bathroom

For less Cabaret (hot pink), try a few bright picture frames:

hot pink frames

From Etsy seller Retro Pops

This accent throw on the edge of the bed is a fun way to temporarily add a bit of pink to your décor:

pink throw

pink coffee table

Against a white backdrop, this hot pink ottoman really stands out.

Do you like hot pink (Cabaret)? Could you see yourself adding it to your décor?

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