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Spring Fashion Tips – HuMn Wallets Make Great Accessories

Bright colours seem to be everywhere lately, and it’s no wonder. Pantone’s colour of the year is Emerald, and there are so many other great colours on their Spring 2013 palette, too. A new season, especially when it is a warmer-season one, naturally makes me feel like changing things up -wise. How about you?

With all the bright colours around this spring, I am trying to keep my accessories simple and understated. From my earrings to my necklace, to my wallet, everything is fairly neutral.

Heading out to a party or to the beach this spring? The little HuMn wallet is my go-to accessory for outings when I just want to stick a slim wallet in my pocket. Check out my tips below for spring fashion tips and more about the hottest accessory of the season.

spring fashion tips

As you can see, there are lots of colourful, pretty colours to wear this coming spring season:

pantone colours

Pantone 2013 spring colours Photo credit

Spring Fashion Tips:

  • Have one stand-out colour, or go with colours in a similar palette – like pastels, neons, neutrals
  • Add a bit of edgy-ness to your spring look — I’ve seen a lot of spring looks where a maxi dress or skirt is paired with biker boots or a rockin’ accessory
  • Choose quality over quantity. It’s better to add items to your spring wardrobe that will last through many seasons and in to next year, than just go with something that is so cheap it will fall apart in a few months’ time

spring fashion

The HuMn Mini Wallet comes in tons of colours, but I chose a neutral one that won’t clash with my inevitably-bright spring clothes. In addition to the HuMn Mini Wallet, there are also 2 others – the full sized wallet and the new Carbon Fiber wallet. You can really go far with customizing these wallets – you can get different coloured plates and also different coloured bands.

What makes this wallet so unique is just how slim it is – it consists of only 3 pieces (the two plates/shields and the elastic strap). This wallet is perfect for people who travel frequently – it allows you to keep only your essentials handy, and not worry about credit card skimming. This RFID wallet will prevent your cards from being skimmed. Check out all the videos and FAQs on the website for more information.

I have been following HuMn’s journey a bit online, and am happy that they’ve had success after their initial Kickstarter start. Their new Carbon Fiber mini and regular sized wallets look gorgeous – maybe one day I’ll have one of those as well. The little holes on the sides of the wallet make it easy to attach the wallet to your clutch, luggage or elsewhere.

spring fashion tips

Our modern, slim, RFID secure wallets make it easy to carry everything you need, anywhere you need to go. – HuMn website

spring fashion tips

I recommend putting your cards – bank cards, membership cards, credit cards, driver’s licence – inside the two shields, and your cash in the elastic section. I don’t normally have a lot of change with me, and the cash is more for emergencies, since I typically just use my debit card for transactions. I’ve read about people doing the opposite – just using this wallet for cash and only taking their ID card/bus pass with them on the inside. I really think that this is the perfect spring fashion accessory, since it is so small and well-designed. It’ll fit perfectly in my gym shorts, clutch, and in my carry-on luggage when I’m travelling. The HuMn Mini Wallet is priced at $75.

HuMn is social: twitter | Facebook

What colour(s) would you love this HuMn wallet in? Do you tend to wear bright colours for spring?

I received the HuMn wallet in exchange for this feature, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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