Standard Nerds Need Only Apply—IT Crowd Redbubble T-Shirt


Designed by Tom Trager, a graphic artist and illustrator from Israel, the IT Crowd t-shirt holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely love the IT Crowd—the intense, yet subtle British humour, the interesting characters and topics that I can relate to, all make this a great one-of-a-kind show.

IT Crowd shirt

This shirt runs a little large—I’ve ordered and have worn many American Apparel shirts in the past, so thought that I was smart by ordering a medium (the sizes are usually really small), but the shirt is a tad too big. I don’t plan on putting this shirt in the dryer because of the print on the front, but I’m sure it will shrink to a smaller size over time anyway (which is what I want). Other than the size issue, I was impressed with the shirt, as it came with a sticker from Redbubble, was packed well and it is nice and soft with quality ink used for the screening.

I really like how you can order this and other shirts from Redbubble in different colours, sizes and types of shirts. My favourite t-shirts are v-neck, which is what I ordered (as shown in the picture above). You can select the colour and design for your gift recipient for the holiday season or any other occasion. When I’m nerding-out and blogging all weekend, I know i want to fit the part with a shirt like this!

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