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It was probably a month ago that many of you (like me) put together a list of goals or resolutions for how you’d like the new year to go. Amongst the healthy-eating and other similar things I saw on lists, I also saw goals related to starting new projects, going on more adventures and trying new work-out routines. Some people like to take classes or join groups to start on these new goals, but not me.

A lifelong avid reader, I prefer to learn things and research my new hobbies myself. has on several of my areas of interest. What am I interested in pursuing this year? Well, one thing that I want to focus on is creating a that reflects my personality and taste. I’ve been looking through the Step-by-Step Home Design and Decorating book by DK to get ideas and inspiration for new DIY projects and home decoration.

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The Step-by-Step Home Design and Decorating breaks your home down by room, giving you information on how to go about pursuing re-decoration in each area. I’ve reviewed the DK book Do it Yourself, which is great if you’re interested in getting out the power tools, refinishing the floors, and renovating your home yourself. It’s also a great book for repairing areas of your home. This new book that I received from DK Canada can be used in conjunction with the other book. Step-by-Step Home Design and Decorating will show you how to start the redecoration and renovation process.

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There are pictures of different types of wallpaper, flooring, etc. for each section, showing you some of the choices. What I really like is that at the bottom of the pictures you will see

step by step

In addition to the tips and suggestions for products to purchase to re-decorate your home, there are DIY projects, that may involve sewing, for example. I’ve got a really nice sewing machine, but I haven’t really used it much for home décor projects. . .not yet. I definitely plan on working on some DIY projects this spring. Another feature that I like in this book, is the quick decorating ideas—like how to display/hang pictures.

I’d love to hear from you—what DIY project(s) would you like to work on in your home?
OR – what interests would you like to pursue this year?

I received this book from DK Canada. You can find it on the DK Canada website, or your local bookstore (online or physical store).

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  1. Sarah Park says:

    These are perfect tips. Just exactly what I need since we just moved in to our new home.

  2. dameonsmom says:

    THIS is something I need. I always do better if I'm following directions and do something room by room. I'm one of those people that will halfway finish then move on.
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  3. I think I need a Home Decor for Dummies book. I just don't have that eye for things. :-(

  4. I like to believe that I have a great eye for things, but sometimes, you just need a little nudge or a starting point.
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  5. shoppingduck says:

    I really need this book. It looks like it would really give me some great ideas!
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  6. MamaLuvsBooks says:

    These are some great ideas. We are renovating our bathroom soon! BTW, your site looks great! Love the layout!

  7. I like these kind of books that show the options and describes them and what they will do. I don't know flat vs. satin etc.

  8. newlywedsurvive says:

    Oh man, our DIY project list gets longer and longer as time goes by! We have been in our house for just over a year and we keep thinking of things we want to do!
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  9. I need something like this

  10. I wish I was redecorating my house right now, so much fun! Once I get started, I'll try out that book. Thanks!

  11. I have SO MANY project plans that hubby is like "What do you wanna do NOW?" Haha! We just do small projects like re-staining and painting furniture though.
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