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Striiv Smart Pedometer for Active Moms

I’ve had pedometers before—in fact, I’ve tried out a few in the last couple of months—but I’ve never been motivated enough to keep up with it.

Games, donations, the ability to race and challenge your friends, and share your progress online . . .just some of the great things about Striiv, a smart pedometer that makes it fun and exciting to walk and run.


The Striiv gets to know you over time, and gives you different activities and challenges that work with your level. I like that you can spin to randomize the challenges and that there are 3 levels, too.

I like how well the touch screen works—perfect for using your energy points (earned by walking or running) to buy plants and trees and structures in a game. For those people that like to compete against their friends and family to achieve particular goals, the Striiv works well for that, too.


I really like the quick challenges, and the way it keeps track of the number of steps you’ve taken in a day —comparing that number to the previous days’. Another great and unique thing about Striiv is that you can do a virtual walkathon and sponsors will donate real money to charities. I like to choose to have my donation put toward saving part of a rainforest, which really motivates me to get walking more each day.

This is a great gift idea for active moms, or ones that wish they were more active! The Striiv can be purchased from Amazon.comfor $99 and includes a clip to attach to your belt/pocket as well as a keychain attachment, so that you can always take it with you to record your steps.

Connect with Striiv on twitter and Facebook and check out all the motivated posters who are benefitting from using Striiv daily.

I was sent a Striiv Smart Pedometer for purposes. I was not compensated in any other way.

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