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10 Creative Summer Boredom Busters {Guest Post}

Hi, I’m Kari, and mommy to Elodie, a rambunctious, funny and preciously sweet toddler!

I blog over at about our life in San Diego, and my quest for balance, wellness and simplicity in motherhood.

I am a former Preschool teacher and current WAHM mama. I LOVE being a Mommy.
Today I wanted to bring you 10 creative boredom busters! Summers are so full of opportunities to create lasting childhood memories. But with the hot, long days, your children can easily become cranky, bored or both! Here are some great and easy ways to cure empty afternoons!
Summer boredom busters

1. My all time favorite (any season) boredom buster: Turn up your favorite Pandora station and have a dance party jam. It’s free, easy and so much fun!
2. Ice Cream: Yes, it’s full of sugar, but it is also such precious bonding time. Take your child/children to your favorite ice cream spot, and if you’re brave- let them order whatever they want! You can also easily do an ice cream sundae bar to save on the cost.
3. Wash the car: I know this doesn’t sound fun to you- but it will be to your kids. Get everyone in their swim gear and even let the little ones get involved in whatever way they are able to help. The car may not look professionally washed in the end, but with the soaps, water spray bottles and hose, it is bound to be a good time.
4. Make your own popsicles: Ask your children for ideas- what juice to use, what fruit to put in it. Older kids might have other suggestions for containers to freeze them in (to create different shaped popsicles) or creative “sticks”. Or you can just go with an ice cube tray, saran wrap and toothpicks! (PS- Many kiddos will be just as happy with a water popsicle as anything! They can drip everywhere and it doesn’t matter!)
5. Spend the day outside: Take a sheet and a rope (or jumprope, whatever you have) and string up a little fort/sunshade. Bring sunscreen, a cooler of snacks and drinks, a blanket to lay on to rest in your shade, and outdoor toys like frisbees and balls. You can do this at a park or in your own backyard!
6. Run through the sprinklers: (Or for older kids you can make your own Slip n’ Slide with a tarp, water and a little dish soap.) This is my classic childhood memory of how we spent our summers. It was magical just to run in the sprinklers in the front yard!
7. Lemonade stand: Personally, I think the more casual this is, the more fun it will be. If you are able to harvest and use your own lemons, even better! Allow your child to create a lemonade stand- a cardboard box and beach umbrella and some crayon scribbles will work just fine. Make the lemonade together and then set up the stand in the front of the house or in the shade somewhere they can sell to family, friends and stuffed animals. Encourage them to think about the supplies they need and help them to gather those to encourage problem solving and to extend their focus on the activity!
8. Watermelon: Eat it outside together, right of the rind. Let them spit the seeds, drip down their chins and make a mess. They are only young once.
9. Recreate your own favorite childhood memory: One of mine is catching fireflies under my shirt as a very small child. I am hoping to do this one day with my own daughter. 🙂
10. Ask your child what they want to do– then do that! Encourage them to use their imagination. Maybe they want to go to an elephant ballet on the moon! Anything is possible in a kid’s imagination and they are going to think you are so cool if you play with them in their own imaginary world.
Hope you will try these out and let me know what you think! If you liked this post, please check out to see what Elodie and I are up to!

Have a great summer!


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