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June in My Heart — Inspired by Sweet Paul Magazine’s Summer Issue

June is my favourite month—and only partly because my birthday is the last day of the month. June is when summer officially starts, and it starts to get really gorgeous outside (for most of) Canada. . .yet, it isn’t too hot out to make things unbearable. I remember past Junes spent in the field behind my house growing up (when I lived near my old high school) spent walking through the grass and reading books or magazines, whilst listening to music on my walkman.

June has always made me remember that sweet time when we got out of school and there was a bit of nostalgia for the previous school year, mixed in with the anticipation for the next one in September. Even though I’ve been out of high school for many (many) years, and have now finished university—there were only actually 4 years when I wasn’t a student in my life so far— still represents newness to me. Summer feels like a time when I can refresh—think about my goals for the future, relax and just be.


June this year is a little sad and bittersweet—but still all about new things and a bit of hopefulness above all else. Greg will be leaving to head to Clarion West to join a select few people to attend a workshop with classes taught by famous sci-fi and fantasy authors in Seattle for a month and a half. While I’m really excited for him and this opportunity, I can’t help but feel sad about the distance between us.


How do you feel about summer, and June specifically? What fun plans do you have for the month?


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