Sea to Sky Gondola Squamish Adventure – Vancouver Excursions

To say that experiencing the Sea to Sky Gondola was a transformative experience, would be an understatement. It's hard not to feel all the things I most love feeling: alive, free, adventurous, exploratory, and joyful, when I'm spending time in nature. Doing so in a whole new setting over 800 metres above sea level (even higher than the Stawamus Chief trail I'd hiked a few years ago, which is nearby and can be seen from the top of the gondola and a viewing platform) increases those feelings … [Read more...]

When Adventure Calls—Answer with Nature’s Path Qi’a Smartfoods Bars (with CAN & US only $100 ARV Giveaway ends Aug. 27)

I like to think of myself as an adventurous, exploring type person. That doesn't mean that I spend my evenings and weekends on one of the many awesome Vancouver-area hiking trails, out paddling in the surrounding water, or rock climbing. I'm an adventurer who loves being out in nature (on some of the less-challenging trails (though, I have been known to go on backcountry camping trips), camping, having a picnic, or going for a walk outside), but also loves more urban adventures. Whatever type of … [Read more...]

10 Creative Summer Boredom Busters {Guest Post}

Hi, I'm Kari, and mommy to Elodie, a rambunctious, funny and preciously sweet toddler! I blog over at about our life in San Diego, and my quest for balance, wellness and simplicity in motherhood. I am a former Preschool teacher and current WAHM mama. I LOVE being a Mommy. Today I wanted to bring you 10 creative Summer boredom busters! Summers are so full of opportunities to create lasting childhood memories. But with the hot, long days, your children can … [Read more...]

Have Awesome Adventures at Carefree RV Resorts

Just picture this: you wake up with the sun shining and the whole day ahead of you. What do you feel like doing? What adventures lay ahead? If you're at Carefree RV Resorts, you have so many options! Spending time at a gorgeous Florida beach is just one possibility. I love that there are so many ways to have fun, explore, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Sounds like an ideal vacation to me! One of my favourite memories is of when my immediate family, plus some of my aunts, … [Read more...]


I'm on a quest. Okay, two quests. Quest #1: 35 by 35 I have a list of things that: -I have always wanted to do but haven't prioritized -I am scared to try -Make me feel adventurous -Allow me to enjoy life You can find my full list here. I'll be sharing my adventures here on this blog, but also a more personal take on how things are going over here. Quest #2: National Quest I'm embarking on a quest that will likely take me 10 years to complete. I am going to visit/experience … [Read more...]

My GMC Acadia Denali Adventure #ChevyDrive

I love my car, but she doesn't get jealous when I drive other vehicles—so I took the opportunity to check out the new 2014 GMC Acadia Denali. I had a little #ChevyDrive adventure recently. It should be pretty obvious that a vehicle like the GMC Acadia Denali is family-friendly. There's room for 7 people in it! Of course, there are other types of families that don't necessarily have little ones that need to be put in to their car seats and strapped in. How about a group of ladies who want to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Destinations in India

Rich in diversity and culture, the sub continent, India is a land of wealth and friendly people. The places here have historic significance and speak of the valuable monuments that surround it. Here are the top 10 destinations in India that you just can’t miss once you have entered the land of festivals. … [Read more...]

A Grilling Alternative — BIC FlameDisk

BIC FlameDisk makes outdoor grilling convenient and portable, as I came to know using the products. Each single use FlameDisk comes ready to use in the box. My family enjoys grilling at public parks, but the clean-up is frustrating. On top of that—who wants to grill when someone else's charcoal is in the BBQ? With FlameDisk, set-up is easy. Summer is just starting, and I have plans to do quite a bit of grilling in the next few months. I am really looking forward to grilling corn, … [Read more...]

Inter-Varsity Summer Camps — Activities and Adventures

This post brought to you by Inter-Varsity Summer Camps. March break has just ended, and there's still a while yet to go before summer holidays begin. It was around this time of year, when I was younger, that I started looking forward to all the fun things that I wanted to do over the summer months. Rather than sitting inside and wasting away the beautiful months, I felt lucky to be able to go to summer camps, where I could learn how to do new things, make new friends and enjoy the lovely … [Read more...]

Fighting Cabin Fever in Vancouver

Though I rarely suffer from boredom, due to the fact that I am interested in too many things, I do tend to get restless. Being cooped up inside for an extended period of time will always leave me wanting to get out of the house, if only to go for a walk. Going for a walk is definitely a great way to combat cabin fever. Walking helps you clear your head, gives you exercise and makes you happy. My friend Isra advocates bundling up and going out for a walk, even with 3 kids and several feet of snow … [Read more...]