Redbubble Gifts Under $50

Instead of going to a mall or shopping online for the same old stuff that everyone else has, why not pick out something unique for your friends and family? As I've mentioned in the past, Redbubble has a variety of products with prints created by designers and artists. It's always hard for me to choose between so many great products with lovely designs on them! Luckily, Redbubble makes things easier with curated collections. Here are 3 of my favourites: Be a Happy Camper: 10 Products to Take to … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Style Performance Denim Jeans from Dish and Duer

Other than when I have to go to work (outside the home), I wear jeans most of the time. I prefer to just pack jeans with me when I travel, since they're thick (I imagine a barrier between myself and seats and things in public), can be dressed up or down, and are great for pretty much every occasion. The problem with most jeans is that they aren't very breathable or easy to move around in. When I heard about Dish and Duer jeans, designed here in Vancouver to be comfortable and stylish at the … [Read more...]

Going Back to School in Style

Whether you're heading back to school, continuing your lifelong learning path, or heading back to the office after some vacation time, you'll want to arrive in essential items that suit your personal style. Products to suit your personal style can be found at Redbubble, who has you covered in the style department. Independent artists design patterns and create prints that go on all the essentials you need—tote bags, clothes (t-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies), gadget cases, notebooks, … [Read more...]

Introducing Art in Motion Collection from Redbubble + Win $100 Gift Card US/CAN

Wearable art. Art you can wear. Whichever way you look at it, the new line of products from Redbubble is really catching my attention! I already have Redbubble products all over my home (it's possible that I'm a super-fan), but now I can show-off my Redbubble love affair wherever I go! The Art in Motion Collection debuts with six new products – skirts, scarves, leggings, studio pouches, drawstring bags, and panel tops. Want to own a piece of wearable art from Redbubble? I've partnered … [Read more...]

I Love Vegetables! Do your Clothes Make you Feel Like Yourself?

What do the clothes you wear say about you? I'm not talking about looking at someone and judging them based on the brands they wear, or how soccer-mom-y they look. Do your clothes make you feel like yourself? I had to ask myself that, as I looked through my closet and dresser not long ago. I recently went through a purge and donated all the clothes that I no longer love and make me feel both beautiful and like myself. How much of what I had didn't fit that description? Oh, about 2 garbage bags … [Read more...]

Make A Difference Everyday (M4D3) with Plan Shoes

These shoes are made for so much more than walking. How can the really adorable, comfortable and totally fun Plan shoes from M4D3 actually "make a different everyday?" There are four ways that your purchase of these shoes will make a difference: Promise: to change the lives of 4 million women by 2016. Protect: protect girls and give them the power to change the world. Educate: educate girls and help eliminate gender inequality. Walk: give water to girls and help them stay at … [Read more...]

Winter Nails Gilded Dreams Collection

These shades of CND Vinylux, from the Gilded Dreams collection, will take you in to the winter season. I picture myself ice skating downtown at the Robson Square ice rink they set up every winter, with one of these colours on my nails. New to CND Vinylux? Here's a bit about their Weekly Polish:  The Weekly Polish system eliminates the need for a base coat, with the self-adhering colour coat. The top coat becomes more durable with exposure to natural light. Each coat dries super-quickly, in … [Read more...]

Art & Sole Coffee Table Book

Rather than giving your friends and family another ordinary gift, how about a beautiful art book, perfect for a coffee table? Art & Sole by Jane Weitzman, wife of shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, features 150 fantasy art shoes made of highly unique materials she has discovered and commissioned by artists for the first Stuart Weitzman shop on Madison Avenue in the mid-1990s. The shoes in this book are unique and definite works of art. They're made from from feathers, paper, ceramic, … [Read more...]

Holiday Party Prep Must-Haves

If you’re like me, Holiday parties can sometimes seem like just another thing to add to an already hectic schedule. Given the amount of effort they demand, it can be tempting to just stay home. But, with all the things you have to do around this time of year, isn’t it also nice to be able to see your colleagues, friends and family in a setting where you can let loose and enjoy yourself? There are a few things you can do to make your Holiday party prep run smoothly so that you can focus on the … [Read more...]

Twilight Dreams Skull Bracelet

I'm embracing my dark side with this Twilight Dreams Skull Bracelet from This bracelet is adjustable and easy to clasp yourself. I really like how it is sparkly enough to dress up your wrist and complement your outfit, but is low-key enough to work well with casual clothing as well. You can get this design with a heart, skull (like I did) or a peace sign.  … [Read more...]