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Call for Submissions: House Tours and Before/After Pictures

I want to feature your homes and projects! This year, I want to focus more on home décor organization and ideas. I'll be fixing up my own apartment, so I'll be sharing my ideas and inspiration, as well as actual pictures of my home. If you have a store related to design, housewares or similar, in the Lower Mainland, I would be interested in touring it. ...

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Artist Olaf Hajek Illustrations Work and Home

Artist Olaf Hajek creates illustrations for a variety of different purposes and of varying subject matters. From commissioned portraits, to an illustrated alphabet project, to magazine covers, Hajek has done a little bit of everything. Hajek's colourful illustrations have a timeless quality to them. Some of the illustrations take inspiration from Dutch still life paintings and portraits, while others would have fit right in with an American folk-art movement. ...

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Living Room Before & After – New Curtains and Rug

Here is proof that a few changes can make a huge difference. We didn't change anything too major - just some soft furnishings. Using our new Laura Ashely NX800 Brother Sewing Machine, we put together some new curtains for our living room with fabric from IKEA. We also bought our rug from IKEA. Here is the sewing machine extraordinaire, incase you haven't read my review post - As you can see, we have some awful checkered linoleum floors and some rather plain curtains. Of course, with the ...

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House Tour With Kylie – Kitchen {Guest Post}

Post 5: Kitchen Finally! We have a room in our home that didn’t need any work done to it when we moved in! The kitchen had only been updated a couple of years earlier, complete with a new oven and stove top, fresh paint, a new bench top and new cupboards, so there was little to do besides accessorising. I continued the red accessories theme throughout the kitchen (as with the other rooms), so we have an assortment of red canisters, tea towels and casserole dishes on display. I also have my ...

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Home Tour with Kylie – Bathroom {Guest Post}

Post 6: Bathroom The bathroom of our home was the only room that needed structural problems fixed. Unfortunately, in addition to more beige paint (which was literally peeling off the walls and taking chunks of plasterboard with it), the bath–shower was rusted through and leaking into the garage below. Our only solution was to have the bath completely replaced and re-tiled. We wanted the room to remain as true to the original 1970s design as possible, so we sourced a new steel tub, and used ...

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Home Tour with Kylie – Office {Guest Post}

Post 4: Office The second bedroom of our home, just like the rest of the apartment, had beige walls and blinds, and blue–grey carpet. It was everywhere! Thankfully, this room is also of a pretty good size for an apartment, and could easily fit a double bed if needed. We painted over the beige walls with the same colour we’d used throughout the rest of the apartment. The beige blinds have stayed for now, as they’re largely hidden behind the tall desk (which has been travelling with me ...

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Home Tour with Kylie – Bedroom {Guest Post}

Look out for Kylie's posts for the next 3 days - her tour of her Brisbane, Australia home continues tomorrow with her office! Post 3: Bedroom Just like our living areas, when we bought our home in Brisbane, Australia, three years ago, it, too, had been ‘blessed’ with ugly beige walls and vertical blinds, and blue–grey carpet. On the plus side, the room was HUGE — so huge to we spent many months trying to work out how to effectively use the space (other than for sleeping!). Like the ...

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Creative Home Tour with Kylie – Introduction {Guest Post}

Hi, Being Tazim readers! My name’s Kylie Challenor (well, it was Kylie Timmins up until I got married recently!), and I’ll be your guest blogger for the Home Décor Event today. I currently write my own blog, Flying Ducks, to give me a bit of a mental break from my day job in arts publishing in Brisbane, Australia. I also do a little bit of freelance writing on the side (most recently for online publications such as Design*Sponge and BNE: Hot or Not). To start off, I’d like to give you a little ...

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