My GMC Acadia Denali Adventure #ChevyDrive

2014 GMC Acadia Denali

I love my car, but she doesn't get jealous when I drive other vehicles—so I took the opportunity to check out the new 2014 GMC Acadia Denali. I had a little #ChevyDrive adventure recently. It should be pretty obvious that a vehicle like the GMC Acadia Denali is family-friendly. There's room for 7 people in it! Of course, there are other types of families that don't necessarily have little ones that need to be put in to their car seats and strapped in. How about a group of ladies who want to … [Read more...]

Why the #mSummit Made Me Wish I Were a Mom


The mSummit is all about "reinventing today's savvy working mom." The new working mom has become a powerful group that is challenging traditions and taking on the 'just a mom' label with a revitalized sense of optimism. These hard working women are well educated, savvy, and balancing lifestyle of family and career. -Meghan Simington, founder of the mSummit and the Reinventing M Network Moms sound pretty great, don't they? Of course, only certain workshops were specifically mommy-focused … [Read more...]

Circus Adventures #AdventuresWithTazim

circus adventures #adventureswithtazim

Isn't it every kid's dream to run away and join the circus and have circus adventures? Okay, I might have just stepped back to the last century there for a minute.  But seriously, weren't you totally mesmerized by the acrobatics, animal tricks and excitement when you went to the circus? I know I was - and still am. My mom and I went to a performance of Cirque du Soleil over the summer when I was in Calgary on an impromptu visit. I was really excited to feel like I was part of the performance, … [Read more...]

Top Places to Visit in Vancouver this Fall

places to visit vancouver

Tourists typically come out to Vancouver during the summer months because the weather is pretty much guaranteed to be beautiful. Days at the beach or in the mountains/parks followed by some shopping and dining in one of Vancouver's many lively districts is pretty typical. Many people may not think to come to Vancouver in fall, though.  Vancouver is truly beautiful in fall, and the weather stays pleasant in to mid-October. Cooler temperatures and fewer crowds are just a few reasons why I think … [Read more...]

Brittania Mine Museum: Vancouver Excursions


I'd driven past it many times before, not sure exactly what the giant structure jutting out from the side of the mountain was. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a a mine - no longer operational - turned in to a museum. Most people who drive the Sea-to-Sky Highway north from Vancouver are heading to Whistler. Greg and I took a trip up to the Britannia Mine Museum on a lovely, sunny afternoon. We spent a good 2 hours exploring the museum and went to Squamish for lunch at our … [Read more...]

Vancouver Crate and Barrel Store Opening — Spring Ready!

crate and barrel spring in Vancouver

One of my favourite perks about being a blogger in Vancouver, is attending store openings. A long time fan of Crate and Barrel — having spent hours walking around every one I have come across, while travelling in the USA — I was super-excited when I heard of one opening in Vancouver. The wait was finally over, Greg and I got to check out British Columbia's first Crate and Barrel store, last night, before it was open to the general public. The only other Crate and Barrel store that I've been … [Read more...]

Vintage Modern Spring Picks from Urban Barn

vintage modern urban barn spring picks

This young city doesn't have much in the way of old buildings or historical landmarks. The buildings downtown have to fit in with a rigid style, so that the gorgeous mountain and ocean views can be appreciated — basically, it’s all glass. This doesn't mean that Vancouver's residents don't enjoy classic décor, or only like stark interiors. I also love injecting my décor with pieces that look older than they are — vintage-style furniture and accessories. There’s no doubt that Vancouver is fresh … [Read more...]

Vancouver Survival Essentials — Must-Haves

umbrella vancouver essentials

Like other cities and areas of the world, Vancouver has a distinct style, and there are certain essentials one needs in order to both fit in and make it through weather-wise. My friend's girlfriend is moving to the city for the first time and in order for her to successfully make it through the rainy spring and the rest of the year, I put together this Vancouver survival essentials list. … [Read more...]

Fighting Cabin Fever in Vancouver

vancouver cabin fever

Though I rarely suffer from boredom, due to the fact that I am interested in too many things, I do tend to get restless. Being cooped up inside for an extended period of time will always leave me wanting to get out of the house, if only to go for a walk. Going for a walk is definitely a great way to combat cabin fever. Walking helps you clear your head, gives you exercise and makes you happy. My friend Isra advocates bundling up and going out for a walk, even with 3 kids and several feet of snow … [Read more...]

Spring Break in Vancouver

When I went to the University of British Columbia (for many, many years), we had 1 week off in February, known as Reading Week. In 2010, because of the Winter Olympics, we got an extra week off (!!!), supposedly for students to be able to volunteer during the Olympics, which were (in case you have been living under a rock) held in Vancouver, Canada. The extra week off made a lot of sense, because Olympic events were being held on campus, and there were dorms and other facilities available for … [Read more...]