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How do you Take Time for Yourself? #SelfCare with Moroccanoil

I am having some #selfcare time thanks to Moroccanoil body products.

It’s been a long summer for everyone, and though it’s officially still summer for a while longer, with everyone going back to school, it feels like fall is already here. As the temperature outside gets cooler, extra moisture and exfoliation become necessary. It’s also a great time to unwind and prepare for what’s to come in fall. Before everyone gets busy with all the great new business ideas they have planned, projects they’re starting and of course, school.

Like marmalade for toast, the Moroccanoil Body Buff is orange scented (I don’t recommend eating it, though), and kind of sticky. It’s wonderfully exfoliating—great for the end of summer. 

moroccan oil body products

The combination of the Moroccanoil Body Buff, followed by the Moroccanoil Body Souffle is just what I need to transition in to the cooler months.

I’ve been trying to take more time for #selfcare and spend less time staying up way-too-late working. A soak in the tub and then an exfoliation with Body Buff , and ending it with the Body Souffle = perfection.

moroccan oil body buff

Here are a few suggestions for giving yourself some relaxing time, after a long day or on the weekend. 

1. Soak your feet in a shallow tub of apple cider vinegar, exfoliate your feet with the Body Buff and follow with the Body Soufflé.

2. Give yourself a manicure, starting with the Body Buff to remove any dead skin cells. Use the Body Soufflé to push back your cuticles and add extra moisture to your fingers. This is especially important during the colder months!


After a long few days of work, I know I’ll be needing some time to myself, and plan to use these products to whisk me away to a spa—if only in my mind.

I received the above mentioned products so that I could write this feature.

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