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The Internet has Changed the Auto Insurance Industry

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Because I'm all about prevention, and wouldn't think to go without insurance for all the areas of my life, as soon as I moved to a new city, I thought to check out the available insurance places right away. The first time I was in need of insurance, I was also new to the city, and didn't know where to go to find the best rates. I'd orginally started with a company that my mom had used in Calgary, but found their office was really far from my apartment. I really did do a lot of shopping around in person, and wasted a lot of time. One place took over an hour and didn't seem to understand that I'd been insured previously under my mom, when I drove her car. 

When I was back home and was in the market for car insurance, it was a different matter. I knew from past experiences that it was far too time-consuming and costly to go from place to place to sit down with an insurance broker, in order to get a simple quote. So, I began to do some research online, where I read reviews, got recommendations and found out that there were actually insurance companies that operate via the internet exclusively. Meaning, if I hadn't done that research online, I wouldn't have been able to see what their rates were!

There are so many benefits to going on the internet to find an insurance broker/insurar to go with. You can get a quote from a specific place or compare rates between several. Everything is right there in front of you, too – you don't have to worry about forgetting to ask a question. You can read blog articles and posts, and really come to an informed decision. Read the full article written by Insurance Hunter, which outlines how the Internet has changed the auto industry.

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