The Organized Home Inspired by Pottery Barn


Okay, I admit it –I’ve jumped right in to the season, which (I know) hasn’t technically begun, according to the calendar. When one week it’s 30 to 35 degrees (celsius) and days later it is in the low 20s or mid teens, you know that has begun weather-wise. I’m fine with the weather change, though I will miss the amount of sunshine that summer brings to otherwise hyper-drenched rainy Vancouver. Still, show me the new home decor offerings for the season and I’ll take fall–rain and all!

Pottery Barn put together a wonderful round-up of home organization and products on their website, which I found really inspiring. Baskets and woven things just seem so. . .fall, don’t they? Check out the ideas for creating an organized home below, and in the weeks to come, on Being Tazim.

organized home

clean sweep

Spring isn’t the only season for cleaning and organizing—get a fresh start this fall!

kitchen organization

I’m a big fan of having kitchen things in closable containers (to keep bugs and dust out, but also for ease of organization).

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