The Practical Naturalist — For More Informed Summer Adventures


DK Canada’s Audubon The Practical Naturalist: Explore the Wonders of the Natural World would fit as easily in a child’s summer camp backpack as it would in an overnight bag for summer road-trips or family trips. I can imagine a child telling their parents or siblings about all the interesting things they learned about in this book. 


The sections in this book include:

  • The Web of Life
  • Weather and Sky
  • What a Naturalist Needs
  • Close to Home
  • Farm and Field
  • Forest
  • Scrubland and Heath
  • Grassland
  • Mountain and Hillside
  • Lake, River and Stream
  • Coast
  • Tundra and Ice
To check out the video and for more information, visit the DK Canada site. The pictures and explanations in this book will easily keep a child interested and wanting to learn more. There are sections where children can use the pictures to identify trees and insects whilst on a nature walk. My favourite part is the section on the Coast, as it talks about tides, plant life near water and a lot of other interesting things.
For the budding environmentalist, or child interested in science and nature, this book, priced at $22.95 makes a great gift for summer adventuring. I received this book for purposes.
Whether the natural world is at your doorstep, in the heart of a concrete jungle, by the sea, on top of a mountain, or in a cabin in the woods, The Practical Naturalist gets readers outdoors and shows how to experience the wonders of the world, and shows what is living in each habitat. Inspirational, informative, and educational, The Practical Naturalist is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about their surroundings and looking at their world in a brand new light.
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