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Top 12 Home Decor Posts

To celebrate the century’s last  repeating number date, I’ve compiled this list of (what I think are) the home décor posts on this blog from 2012. I hope these posts will give you some ideas for how you’d like to change up your own home in the new year. 

tazim italy

  1. Organizing your Craft Room or Creative Space
  2. Outdoor Dining Ideas for Decorating
  3. Backyard Landscape Inspiration
  4. Glam Cabin Décor Ideas
  5. How to Add Heirlooms and Antiques to your Décor
  6. Mad Men set inspiration
  7. Transforming the Living Room
  8. Solar Power Pantone Colour
  9. Set Inspiration: Miss Fischer’s Murder Mystery
  10. Adding Geometrics to your Décor
  11. Sweet Lilac Colour Trend
  12. Best Home Organization Products from IKEA


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