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Winter Activities — Emerald Sunday

Unlike where I used to live for a third of my life—Houston, Texas—we actually get all four seasons up here in Canada. Since lasts for so long, it’s a good idea to try and stay active during this time, rather than just staying inside and being cozy. Even though I have lived in Calgary, Alberta for a good part of my life, my family never really got in to sports.

Being so close to Whistler, and a variety of other mountains and spots to go skiing, I feel as though I should at least try to embrace winter activities, so the cold months don’t seem so bad.

Dynamic winter activities

Snowshoeing — have you tried this, before? I know that you can rent snowshoes, and use them where it is snowy—on paths, or in fields. There isn’t any snow here, but if I went up to one of the mountains, nearby, I’m sure there would be other people enjoying this activity.

Ice skating
—I haven’t done this in so many years. There are outdoor ice skating rinks in this city, but also many available at the community centres/leisure centres. Do you have ice skating facilities in your city? Personally, I’d love to get back in to ice skating outdoors—there’s something about having a hot tea or coffee while being outside, then skating around for a bit.

What suggestions do you have for someone looking to stay active, outdoors, this winter season?  

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