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Top Kitchen Essentials for Holiday Entertaining

The kitchen is where everyone gathers when you’re busy entertaining—and you’ll likely be there prior to your guests’ arrival, as well.  Take a look at these suggestions for the top kitchen essentials for holiday entertaining, to be sure that your gathering goes off smoothly. 

ozeri kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is a good idea for being able to measure out weights for larger recipes—especially important for holiday baking.

wellness mats

You’ll likely be standing in the kitchen for long periods of time, so a Wellness Mat, which is an anti-fatigue floor mat will relieve some of the tension in your feet and legs, as well as your lower back.

To make a lot of one thing at the same time and to cut-down on cooking time, a pressure cooker will help you get the job done quickly.

Cast iron has long been considered a wonder-material when it comes to evenly distributing heat for cooking. I use my cast iron wok from Bodum for all my cooking needs

What are your most used kitchen products for holiday entertaining?


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