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Top Tips for Adding Holiday Decorations to your Décor

In my small apartment, with just me around, I didn’t want to go too crazy with the holiday decorating. I didn’t get a tree, for instance. I don’t have a ton of places to store decorations and out of season things, so I wanted to keep things simple. I have a wall-mounted shelf in my main room that I use as a mantel to decorate seasonally on. Check out some of my ideas for decorating on a dime, below.

Here are some tips for successful holiday decorating on a dime:

 holiday decor

  1. Take this time to reevaluate your nicknacks—don’t just add your holiday décor items in with all the rest, because you’ll end up with way too many decorative items everywhere.
  2. Try something non-traditional, like in the pictures below. I want to easily be able to transition from “holiday” to winter, so I didn’t want to just choose decorations that were red and green.
  3. Don’t be afraid to venture away from red and green. Try other combinations, like purple and silver or white and gold.
  4. Eclectic is fine—but if your decorations look like they really don’t work together, try using one style/colour combination only in the room and use other items elsewhere – maybe have a theme per room.
  5. Try natural elements, like pinecones – which are free (put them in the freezer to kill anything living before you start DIY-ing those pinecones up!). I’ve seen tons of DIY ideas for painting or decorating them in some way.

For some more views of my mantel, check out my post about decorating for the holidays in a rental place.

The red branch below is bendable, was 75% off and can transition from fall to winter/Christmas time quite easily!

decorate on a dime



holiday decor

I found this decorative “branch” from Michael’s 75% off because it was the end of Fall. I think it looks winter-y, don’t you? I can use it for several months this way. I found the little metal ornament on a 50% off sale recently and added it to my lamp/tree.

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