Valentine’s Day Party Ideas — Party With Your Girlfriends


What’s a single gal to do on Valentine’s Day?

Typically, people throw Valentine’s Day for their children or their spouse/significant other to enjoy with them. What about us single gals, who still have a lot of love to share? Rather than feel sad that I don’t have anyone to romantically spend the day with, I plan on getting together with my girlfriends.

No matter how many people get together, it’s still fun to spruce up the space with Valentine’s Day related decorations. Check out my Valentine’s Day party ideas, below.

valentine's day party ideas

Sophisticated or all-out fun? Depending on the mood of the party, you could either serve cocktails, or coffee with dessert (which would be my choice).


Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest



I’ve seen dozens of delicious-looking Valentine’s Day desserts on Pinterest. Having several people around might be a good time to pick out your favourite treats to make. One part of your party could be to bake Valentine’s Day treats together.

Tell your girlfriends how much they mean to you—or share it with them in a Valentine’s Day card. How sweet would it be to make and receive little notes or cards? Ask your friends to bring their favourite craft supplies, put on a romantic comedy movie and enjoy the treats you made together.



What are your favourite Valentine’s Day-themed or other romantic comedies? I would choose to watch a classic like Sense and Sensibility, starring Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson. What are some ideas you have for a special all-female stay-in Valentine’s Day party?

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