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Vancouver Survival Essentials — Must-Haves

Like other cities and areas of the world, has a distinct style, and there are certain essentials one needs in order to both fit in and make it through weather-wise. My friend’s girlfriend is moving to the city for the first time and in order for her to successfully make it through the rainy spring and the rest of the year, I put together this survival essentials list.

vancouver survival essentials

  • Vitamin D3  – Vancouver gets very little sun, and even when it isn’t raining, the sky is grey and overcast. It’s really important to get your Vitamin D here in Vancouver.

umbrella vancouver survival essentials

  • A really great umbrella  – did I mention that it rains here often? An umbrella is absolutely necessary to get through the rainy season (most of the year). I usually keep a fold-up umbrella in my purse or bag when I’m heading out for the day — for most of the year — but isn’t the above umbrella from modcloth so much more fun?

red boots

  • With all the rain comes the need for a good pair of rain boots. I suffered through a poorly-drained university campus for long enough to know that the cool kids just wear rain boots for half the year (or Uggs – which are not water-proof. . .I don’t understand the appeal in this rainy city). These beauties don’t come cheap, but they’ll certainly last you quite a few years.
  • Perfect for stuffing in to your rain boots, every Vancouverite needs a stash of yoga pants. Sure, some people actually wear these pants to practice yoga, but even if that isn’t your cup of tea, yoga pants will still come in handy for quick trips to the grocery store, and walks around Stanley Park (and the seawall).

Other things to think about getting:

  • An air purifier might be needed, depending on where in the city you live. I’ve needed several in the space of a small apartment, in a few places where I’ve lived in the city.
  • Roll-up grocery bags. Most people end up stopping for groceries (or other shopping) on their way home, so having roll-up grocery bags on you at all times is advisable.

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