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Visual Learning with Smithsonian Natural History Book

It’s all out in front of you — gorgeous pictures and enough information to get you interested, so you can read a more specialized book on the subject you’re interested in. These are just some of the reasons why I love the lovely reference from .

The Smithsonian Natural History book is a massive reference or coffee-table book that is perfect for children to use to identify plants, animals, minerals and more. This is just the type of book i would have spent hours pouring over as a child/teenager, and I’m sure I’ll be referencing it quite a bit over the years. Back when I had cable TV, I often watched nature shows, regularly wondering what the different animals were. Does that happen to you, too?

This is one of those books that you’ll want to keep on hand so that you can easily reference it for those times when you just need to know if that primate you see on TV is an old or new world monkey.

smithsonian natural history

A landmark in reference publishing and overseen and authenticated by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, Natural History presents an unrivalled visual survey of Earth’s natural history. Giving a clear overview of the classification of our natural world-over 6,000 species-Natural History looks at every kingdom of life, from bacteria, minerals, and rocks to fossils to plants and animals.

DK Canada put together a great collection (boutique) on their website for Earth Month, called Earthly Pleasures, which is still up and a great source for finding earth-friendly books on a variety of subjects.

smithsonian natural history

smithsonian natural history

Check out this book and others in the DK Earthly Pleasures boutique now, for 30% off. Sale is only for a limited time only.

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