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WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats Review

An Anti-Fatigue Mat for the Most Used Space in Your
In my early twenties I did a stint in an upscale restaurant, first as a prep chef, and then with my own section. In just a few short weeks, I learned a phenomenal amount about food, and I’ve always been gratteful for that time in my life. My mom was a professional baker, and had taught me a lot at home—but the professional kitchen environment is full of so many smart economies and tricks that make cooking better.
What did I learn? The value of preparing ingredients before hand, the value of fresh ingredients, and surprisingly, that some of the cheapest kitchen products are the best—simple carbon-steel pans rather than non-stick, in fact, real metal over non-stick everywhere, silicon baking mats over fussing endlessly with cooking spray, that pastry brushes and spatulas that cost only a couple of dollars are as good as any other—and a few smart tips about laying out a kitchen efficiently.


Major changes to a kitchen’s layout may be out of reach unless you’re doing a complete redo, but tips include keeping the most used utensils in reach—for example, using a cheap rail system from IKEA; making sure that everything has a place of its own, and having large containers that are conveniently accessible for staples so that baking isn’t a hassle.


All of these are good ideas, but even more enticing are all those gadgets from a professional kitchen that we daydream about having at home. The one I’ve most wanted might surprise you:  It’s this: a cushioned ergonomic floormat, like this one from WellnessMats.
maxum mat
There are even mats for the garage or heavy-traffic work space. Many cash registers have mats like these for cashiers to stand on.


I don’t need a monster Hobarth mixer at home, I barely use my small stand-mixer as it is—neither, as much as I daydream, do I need whole racks of carbon steel frying pans, or a Turbochef oven. But, I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen standing in one position. Breaking down veg, or washing the dishes, this WellnessMat is fantastic. It really cuts down on sore feet, and comes in a wide range of configurations. This 2′ by 3′ model is just the right size for in front of the sink, while the larger L shapes or custom sizes can run the entire length of the counter. I find that I maintain better posture while standing one the mat, which cuts down significantly on fatigue. Tazim who sometimes suffers from sore knees, appreciates it even more.
wellnessmats seasons
Removable ‘seasons’ covers for WellnessMats.
Finished in a durable plastic, and filled with a sturdy but cushioning foam, the manufacturer gaurantees 7 years, without wear-through or cracking. We’ve put ours to the test over the last month, and have been surprised by how well it’s held up. The finish is easy to mop, and does indeed seem to be scratch and wear resistant.
Trellis mat
The mat in this photo is the exact same design and colour that we have. Actually, our cabinets are the same colour and we plan on changing out the linoleum for hardwood similar to that in the photo. Check out our post on the kitchen renovation/redecoration so far.
We love the fact that the mats come in such a variety of finishes, and have our eyes on a larger mat in the same trellis finish for our next place, we like the subtle pattern, love the burgundy colour, and it would cover a 6′ run.

This WellnessMat has an ARV of $119.95. We received this 3’x2′ mat in brown in a Trellis pattern for review purposes. We were not compensated in any other way.

Look out for a giveaway from WellnessMats right here, as part of the New Year, New Me Giveaway Event, starting January 24th.

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