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How to Get Relief for Your Back and Feet with WellnessMats

My mom loves to cook, but doesn’t so much love being on her feet for so many hours at a time. Hardwood floors, like I have, make it especially painful to keep baking and cooking. A soft rug does little relieve the pain in your feet and back.

Because WellnessMats are so portable, I tend to move mine from in front of my sink to in front of my stove regularly. If you don’t want to do this – you can get customized WellnessMats in the shape/length you’d like! Take a look at the different WellnessMats for the kitchen

wellness mats

A few of the benefits of WellnessMats:

  • Unmatched comfort
  • Premium 3/4″ thick
  • Edges will never curl
  • No-trip 20˚ beveled edge
  • Anti-microbial (by design)
  • Puncture & heat resistant
  • Stain & dirt resistant

“WellnessMats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to promote and increase proper circulation. As such, our unique anti-fatigue floor mats encourage better posture, muscle conditioning and improved overall health and well being. How? By displacing and suspending your body weight on the mat.”

WellnessMats make great gifts for people on your list that enjoy baking and cooking—as I mentioned above. But, WellnessMats are also great for the bathroom, garage and weight room. There are so many different designs you can choose from – and even covers you can put on top to change out your look for each season. I really like the look of the Kitchen Antique Collection, and chose the 3’x2′ Antique Trellis mat for my kitchen. I really like how the colour isn’t uniform—gives it some character and adds interest to my kitchen floors.

If you have a large expanse in your kitchen, the 6’x2′ size might work out better for you—but my kitchen is on the small size, so the 3’x2′ mat works perfectly. Having a mat like this in the kitchen, it’s bound to have things spill on it—but WellnessMats are easy to clean, and they’re stain and dirt resistant.

I have been loving my WellnessMats—especially with all the baking I have been doing lately! I’m so glad that WellnessMats contacted me and wanted to send me one to try out. 

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